Several years ago when I had been commissioned to develop designs for art quilts I was given a piece of graph paper to aid in the process.  I discovered by accident that between the thin blue lines on the surface of the paper and the actual paper itself there existed an entire universe--like another dimension altogether.  I found that if I was in the right frame of mind I could coax shapes from this micro-thin dimension out onto the paper.  These shapes had form but no content, like letters of the alphabet.  The shapes were restricted to horizontal, vertical, and 45 degree lines because that made them easier to sew on a machine.  I found that if I fiddled with them they began to accumulate content--sometimes funny, sometimes dark, sometimes unintelligible, but always interesting to me.


I am no longer involved in making designs for quilts but I have retained this design process.


I believe the meaning of any work of art (or anything for that matter) is inherent in the way it is made.  My paintings are crafted to look like machine made or computer generated images.  In fact they are the result of a labor intensive process that on closer inspection is distinctly hand made. 


Gregg Morris